Monday, August 08, 2005


Thinking about having a nice tight brunch with some friends? Head to Prune, but don't forget to put on your Sunday best...and drinking shoes for that matter.
The wait staff is friendly and found they recommended some of the best dishes on the menu, but the atmosphere is cramped. We reserved a table for 8 and had to sit in a private room, which felt more like a closet, and is actually called the "G spot." If you're brunching it with a big group calling ahead to reserve the "G-spot" is the only way you'll all fit, otherwise think about going elsewhere.
Menu Memorables: The omelettes are extremely small, for the faint of stomach, so I'd go for one of the pancake or toast dishes...
And don't forget the Bloody Marys, they serve them with the alcohol on the side and you pour it yourself...

54 E. 1st St. (East Village)


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